Victron – Remote panel for BlueSolar PWM-Pro Charge Controller

The BlueSolar PWM-Pro series is ready for use with its default settings.
It also is fully programmable:
– With help of a computer and software (available free of charge from our website)
– With the dedicated BlueSolar Pro Remote Panel (see features below).
– Lighting control function, fully programmable.
– Three stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, float), fully programmable.
– Integrated battery monitor function (Remote Panel needed to display state of charge).
– Load output with low voltage disconnect and manual control (default setting).
– Optional external temperature sensor.
– Load output protected against over load and short circuit.
– Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar array and/or battery.


Supplier Part No:SCC900300000

Weight:0.15 kg

Technical Specifications


backlight and acoustic alarm on max. 65mA
Backlight on max. 23mA
Backlight off max. 15mA

Faceplate dimensions 98 × 98 mm / 3.86 × 3.86 inch

Frame dimensions 114 × 114 mm / 4.49 × 4.49 inch

Connector type RJ45

Cable length Max. 20 m

Weight 0.2 Kg

Ambient Temperature -20°C~+70°C / -4°F~158°F