Victron – BlueSolar PWM-Light 5A 12/24V Charge Controller

• Always connect the batteries first.
• Use for 12V battery system only 12V (36 cells) solar
panel array.
• Use for 24V battery system only 24V (72 cells) solar
panel array.


BlueSolar PWM-Light – 12V/24V Charge Controller 

The BlueSolar Charger series uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge voltage control combined with a multistage charge control algorithm. This leads to superior charging and enhanced battery performance. The filtered PWM power control system uses highly efficient and reliable power MOSFET transistors.

Fully automatic temperature compensation of charge voltage is available to improve charge control and battery performance.

·  Internal temperature sensor.
·  Three-stage battery charging [bulk – absorption – float],  not programmable
·  Protected against overcurrent.
·  Load output protected against overload and short circuit.
·  Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and/or    battery.
·  Load output with low battery voltage disconnect function.
·  Intelligent software control.
·  PWM charging mode.
Two digit seven segment display for the quick and easy setting of the load output functionality, incl. timer setting.
·  Day/night timing options – See manual for details

Product DataSheet:  BlueSolar-PWM-Light-Charge-Controllers-12-24V-DataSheet