Trisole+ V-frame Assembled

Mounting – Flat Roof   TS+ V-frame assembled (SET)
Part No: REN-420550

This part is the two long lengths of a TriSole+ frame. Connect this part to the separate short length that defines what angle the completed frame will create. Eg this part, when added to the vertical support REN-400552, produces a 10-degree frame.




Specifications for TriSole+ Triangle 35° assembled

System:  Tri-angular module support for pitched and flat roof with roof penetration
Content:  Tri-angle (pre-assembled or non-assembled), back support
System warranty:  10 years
Application Area:  Pitched and flat roofs on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings
Roof covering:   Sheet metal (trapezoidal/corrugated), sandwich, fibre-cement
Roof slope:   Orthogonal installation to roof slope: min. 2°/max. 25°. Parallel installation with roof slope: min. 2°/max. 45°
Attachment to roof with:   MS+, MS+P, VS+

System properties
System orientation:   One-sided installation
Module tilt:  10° to 35° in steps of 5°
Material:   Stainless steel, aluminum

Type:   PV-Modules with frame height from 30 to 50mm
Module orientation:   Horizontal/Landscape and vertical/Portrait
Module size (Portrait):   Length: max. 1,960 mm, Width: unlimited
Module size (Landscape):   Length: unlimited, Width: max. 1,050 mm