Solis 3.6kW Mini 4G Single Tracker 2x String

Supplier Part No:SOLIS-MINI-3600-4G
Weight:9.5 kg
Rated Power:3,600 W
Min PPT Voltage:80 V
Max PPT Voltage:500 V
DC Startup Voltage:90 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:80 V
Max Input Voltage:600 V
Max DC Power:4,000 W
Max AC Power:3,600 W
Max DC Current:20 A
Max DC Inputs:2
Has DC Fuses:0
Included Connectors:2
Euro Efficiency:96.8 %
IP Rating:IP65
MPPT Trackers:1
Has Integrated DC Switch:No
Warranty:5 years


All new Solis Mini 4G Series Grid-tie Inverter 

Ultra low Startup Voltage  – 90V

  •   High switch frequency technology-Smaller, smarter
  •   DRM integrated fully comply with AS47772:2015
  •   Compact and lightweight visually pleasing for domestic environment
  •   80V-600V input voltage range- ultra low start-up
  •   Over 97.5% Max. efficiency
  •   Precise MPPT algorithm
  •   IP65 rated for external installation
  •   RS485 WiFi/GPRS (optional) interface
  •   WiFi monitoring available—iphone and android app available
  •   Multiple protection levels
  •   5 years standard warranty 20 years optional upgrade
  •   Export Limitation built in – Requires CT clamp (sold separately) – NOW G100 COMPLIANT

This version of the 4G 3.6kW has two sets of inputs, each input is limited to 10A maximum. Its not possible to parallel two strings in to one DC input. Please use one string per DC input only.

Please note this is a single mppt inverter and the display will show voltage only on DC1 even with two strings connected, DC2 will always display 0V.

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