SolarRiverTL-D – 3.0kW – Single Phase Dual MPPT DC Isolator


— Free site selection due to IP65
— Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & Play” connection
— Parameter and country code setting during initial start up
— Interface selection – Ethernet, Wi-Fi and RS485 for more flexible configuration and system             monitoring
— Multi-lingual 2-line LCD display
— Digital inputs for the economic connection of a ripple control receiver
— Configurable multi-function relay output
— Highest earnings through max.efficiency of 96.8%
— Safe operation due to integrated DC-switch
— Free access to the Samil Power monitoring portal
– No Fan design for low fault rate and long uptime
– Sturdy design due to High Accelerated Life Testing(HALT) and rigorous Multiple Environmental    Over Stress Testing(MEOST)
– Defeating shade effect by Global Peak Tracker

Samil Power inverters are suitable for domestic, commercial and utility scale PV power systems.

  • Flexible system design due to dual MPPT
  • IP65 rating for outdoor and indoor mounting
  • Grid Parameter and Country selection during initial start up
  • Standard Interface of Ethernet and RS485 for more flexible configuration and system monitoring
  • Multi-lingual 3.5” TFT LCD display
  • Easy key pad operation
  • Maximum efficiency of 97.4%
  • Safe operation with integrated DC-Switch
Weight:  26.55 kg
Rated Power:  3,000 W
Min PPT Voltage:  160 V
Max PPT Voltage:  500 V
DC Startup Voltage:  150 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:  150 V
Max Input Voltage:  550 V
Max DC Power:  3,400 W
Max AC Power:  3,200 W
Max DC Current:  10.5 A
Max DC Inputs:  2
Has DC Fuses:  0
Connector:  MC4 Compatible
Included Connectors:   2
Euro Efficiency:  96.5 %
Transformer:  None
MPPT Trackers:  2
Has Integrated DC Switch:  Yes
Warranty:  5 years