SolarEdge Commercial Project Pricing with SPD for 1MW+


SE-SPD-PR-1MW-SA Commercial Project PackageSpecialOffer
This package is a special offer made up of the following items:

Part Discount
1886 x P600-1.2-MC4 SolarEdge P600 Optimiser 600W MC4 2x60Cell 1.2m 11.5%
36 x SE-27600-D2 SolarEdge 27,600W 3ph Inverter D2 with DC Safety Unit and fuses 11.5%
36 x DG-M-TT-275 Modular Surge Arrester – 3 Phase 40kA 11.5%
 Weight:  3,366.66 kg
Rated Power:  993,600 W
Project pricing available for large commercial SolarEdge projects that are >1MWp.
The SE-27600-D2 inverters include Type II DC protection.

The added Dehn arrestors deliver Type II AC surge protection.