SolarEdge D2 – 25.0kW 3 Ph Inverter with DC Safety Unit and fuses


SE-25000 – D2:
Solar Edge 25000 3phase inverter with DC Safety Unit incl. DC safety switch, DC surge protection (type II) and DC fuses (+/-).
Specifically designed to work with power optimizer
–  Superior efficiency (98%)
–  Small, lightest in its class and easy to install
–  Built-in module-level monitoring
–  Internet connection through Ethernet or Wireless
–  IP65 – Outdoor and indoor installations
–  Fixed voltage inverter, DC/AC conversion only
–  Optional integrated DC Safety Unit – eliminates the need for         external DC isolators (SE25K and SE27.6K only)
–  Optional DC surge protection and DC fuses (SE25K and              SE27.6K only)
Part No:  SE25K-RW000NND2
Weight:  48 kg
Rated Power:  25,000 W
Min PPT Voltage:  0 V
Max PPT Voltage:  0 V
DC Startup Voltage:  0 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:  0 V
Max Input Voltage:  900 V
Max DC Power:  28,688 W
Max AC Power:  25,000 W
Max DC Current:  37 A
Max DC Inputs:  3
Has DC Fuses:  6
Connector:  0
Included Connectors:  0
Euro Efficiency:  98 %
Transformer:  None
MPPT Trackers:  0
Has Integrated DC Switch:  Yes
Warranty:  12 years

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