SolarEdge Commercial Project Pricing with SPD for 500kW+


SE-SPD-PR-500kW-SA Commercial Project PackageSpecialOffer
This package is a special offer made up of the following items:

Part Discount
943 x P600-1.2-MC4 SolarEdge P600 Optimiser 600W MC4 2x60Cell 1.2m 7.5%
18 x SE-27600-D2 SolarEdge 27,600W 3ph Inverter D2 with DC Safety Unit and fuses 7.5%
18 x DG-M-TT-275 Modular Surge Arrester – 3 Phase 40kA 7.5%
 Weight:  1,683.33 kg
Rated Power:  496,800 W

Project pricing available for large commercial SolarEdge projects that are >500kWp.The SE-27600-D2 inverters include Type II DC protection.

The added Dehn arrestors deliver Type II AC surge protection.

Please speak to your Account Manager to have the project approved for this pricing. You’ll need to provide some information about the project:

– Installer Company Name

– Project Name/End User

– System Size

– Location