SolarEdge – HD-Wave – 3.0kW Single Phase Inverter


Optimized installation with HD-Wave technology:
– Record-breaking efficiency
– Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
– High reliability without any electrolytic capacitors
– Built-in module-level monitoring
– Outdoor and indoor installation

Please note, the SolarEdge HD range of inverters require the SE-STI-S3 or SE-STI-S4 StorEdge interface to be compatible with the LG Chem HV range of batteries.

Part No:  SE3000H-GB000NNN2
Weight:  9.5 kg
Rated Power:  3,000 W
Min PPT Voltage:  0 V
Max PPT Voltage:  0 V
DC Startup Voltage:  0 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:  0 V
Max Input Voltage:  480 V
Max DC Power:  4,650 W
Max AC Power:  3,000 W
Max DC Current:  11.5 A
Max DC Inputs:  1
Has DC Fuses:  0
Connector:  MC4
Included Connectors:  1
Euro Efficiency:  98.8 %
Transformer:  None
MPPT Trackers:  0
Has Integrated DC Switch:  No
Warranty:  12 years