Solar Kit 4 – Bi-Directional – 5kWh 24v


System Components:

4 x Renesola 250wp Premium Grade Solar Panel

1 x 40Amp MPPT Solar Regulator

4 x 260Ah 12v Omnipower Gel/Hybrid Battery  * See note

1 x Microcare 3kW 24v Bi-Directional Inverter Pure Sine Wave  * See note

1 x Control Box – DC side (Solar input) Circuit Breaker

1 x Set Roof Mounts – Galvanised or Aluminium

1 x 25M x 6mm Rip Cord (Red and Black)

1 x MC4 Connector Kit

*Spec sheets available on request

*Note – price can be reduced via alteration to the inverter and/or batteries. The batteries selected here are high grade with long life spans.