Solar Kit 1 – 3kW Grid Tied System – Produces 16.5kWh


Components: – UPDATED 19/2

12 x JA Solar – 275wp Poly 5BB Cypress ** spec sheet available below

1 x SMA Sunny Boy – 3kW AV40 Grid Tied Inverter ** see notes

1 x DC Protection – 600V Protection Box 1 Inputs 1 Outputs 16A Isolator Type II SPD

1 x Set roof mounts ** see notes

1 x Set Sunclix connectors (Male and Female)

1 x Set MC4 connectors (Male and Female)

1 x 50m x 4mm Suncable

1 x 20Amp AC Circuit Breaker and mini DB box

Notes – all components denoted with ** see notes, are interchangeable for either higher quality units, different brands or 3 phase instead of single. In the case of roof mounts, the selection is based around using galvanized hot dipped rails or aluminium sun rails. A grid limiter is also available for users with prepaid meters.

Component Spec Sheets:

SMA Sunny Boy 3.0kW – AV-40 Spec Sheet

JA Solar – 275wp Poly 5BB Cypress Spec Sheet