SMA Tigo TS4 Retrofit Module – Optimised

Enhance your system yield by adding Tigo power modules to only the modules that are affected by shading. Perfect as a low-investment option for getting the most from a roof.

The Tigo solution comes in two varieties depending on what functionality you need: monitoring only, or full optimisation. The products can be deployed either on individual modules or on the complete system.

This version, the TS4-R-O, can be added to only the modules in an array that are shaded. If module-level monitoring is required, a TS4-R-M is required on each module.

As an example if there are eight modules in total, and two are shaded, you could install 2 x TS4-R-O to overcome the shading and 6 x TS4-R-M to enable monitoring for the rest of the modules.


Further information on the SMA website:


Supplier Part No:471-00252-10
Weight:0.665 kg
Min PPT Voltage:16 V
Max PPT Voltage:60 V
DC Startup Voltage:16 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:16 V
Max Input Voltage:75 V
Max DC Power:475 W
Max AC Power:0 W
Max DC Current:12 A
Max DC Inputs:1
Has DC Fuses:0
Included Connectors:1
Euro Efficiency:0 %
MPPT Trackers:1
Has Integrated DC Switch:No
Warranty:25 years