SMA Power management package for systems up to 200A/phase grid

This part is made up of the following items:
1 x HM-BT-10 SMA Sunny Home Manager with Bluetooth
1 x EMETER-20 SMA Energy Meter 3 phase (<63A)
3 x CT-200A Current Transformer 200A ( incl. fly lead )
1 x CAT5E-10M Cat 5e Terminated RJ45 Ivory Shielded – 10m
1 x CAT5E-3M Cat 5e Terminated RJ45 Ivory Shielded – 3m

This kit is a full monitoring package for SMA commercial systems that allows full recording and display of energy generation, usage and environmental conditions. Ensures that the complete system is performing at its maximum potential and enables optimisation of energy consumption.

Subject to the approval of your local DNO this package may be used to limit the power export of the system to a value agreed with the DNO. e.g. a 150kWp PV system with 140kW of inverters could be limited to 125kW of AC export power if that is required by the DNO. During periods of self consumption, e.g. Monday – Friday, sufficient power is likely to be used by the property and so no limitation is applied but during high generation and low self-consumption periods the system will automatically trim the maximum export power to a DNO defined limit. With most commercial buildings this ‘lost’ energy will be a very small percentage of the total annual generation and the benefit of having additional generation capacity most of the time will far outweigh the lost generation during othecr times.

2x CAT5 cables are supplied, shorter 3m for connection between inverter and Home Manager and longer 10m for connection between Homemanager and  meter. Please check if these lenghts are sufficient and source shorter/longer ones if required.

Supplied with 3 X 200A current monitoring clamps suitable for installation on properties with up to 200A per phase AC suppiy.

Current clamps should be sized according to incoming grid supply in the property (not size of the PV array), please check if these are sufficient before buying. 


• Active power limitation at the
grid-connection point
• Load analysis for each individual
• Enhanced battery charging for
storage systems with Sunny Boy
Smart Energy or Sunny Island

Easy to Use
• Automatic, intelligent control
of loads with up to 10 SMA radiocontrolled
• Easy commissioning with the PV
System Setup Assistant
• Free standard access to Sunny Portal
with all basic functions

• Basic system monitoring via
Sunny Portal
• Overview for all household energy
• Visualization of weather and
PV forecast data
• Several standardized meter interfaces
• Individual specifications for
controllable appliances
• Automated integration of Smart appliances
via Ethernet communication

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is SMA’s intelligent energy manager and enables the most efficient use of solar energy in the home. It optimizes PV self-consumption and significantly reduces electricity costs. To do this, it measures the power of PV generation, purchased electricity as well as grid feed-in, and gives an overview of all relevant energy flows in the household. By means of local PV generation forecasts and the measured household consumption profile, the self-learning device prompts the user with energy-related action recommendations. Operation of the controlled appliances is coordinated in a way to optimize the use of self-generated solar energy