Renusol – RS1 Universal End and Mid clamp 30-50mm module clip

RS1 Universal End and Mid Clamp 30-50mm Silver
Part No: REN-420080
This innovative masterpiece makes your next PV-project a whole lot easier. 

•  The RS1 works as mid- and end clamp.
•  It is height adjustable and secures any framed PV panel starting from 30 mm up to 50 mm height.
•  Twisting the RS1‘s head changes the functionality from end- to mid-clamp.
•  Installation and positioning work one-handed.
•  At the same time, it minimizes needed storage space and saves administration costs in item management.
•  The RS1 is a real time saver and generates savings over your entire value chain.




Innovative technology
• One clamp with dual functionality (mid- and end-clamp)
• Height adjustable (30-50 mm)

• Always the fitting clamp on site
• One clamp for all your projects
• For most common framed PV-modules in the market
• Applicable with all Renusol mounting systems

Click, adjust, fasten – done!
• 90° head twist for dual function
• Function adjustment on the roof
• One-handed installation and positioning in the rail

Optimized logistics and warehouse management
• Always the fitting component on stock
• 99% coverage of all your module fastening
• Reduces needed storage capacity – savings in warehouse management

Download Datasheet:  Renusol RS1 Universal End and Mid Clamp 30-50mm Product_sheet