Renusol – Ridge support 10°



System:Ballasted PV-mounting system

Compontents Ground rails, rail connector, building protection mat, low post, high post, wind deflector, clamps

System warranty: 10 years

Application area: Flat roof on industrial, agricultural and residential buildings

Roof covering:Bitumen, concrete, foil, gravel

Roof slope max. 3° without additional measures



System properties

System orientation: South

Module tilt 10° / 18°

System weight approx. 2.2 kg/m² (FS10-S) / 2.3 kg/m² (FS18-S) plus ballast (project specific)

Weight PV-module included approx.: 9.3 kg/m² (FS10-S) / 8.1 kg/m² (FS18-S) plus ballast (project specific)

Friction coefficient µ =0,5 is to be determined and ensured upon installation surface.

Material Aluminum, stainless steel , strip-galvanized steel metal sheet, rubber granulate

Minimum edge distance 0,6 m

Shading angle 12° to 17.5°