Renusol – TriSole + Triangle 35° assembled

Part No: REN-410557 Mounting – Flat Roof

This part is made up of the following items:
1 x  REN-420550 TriSole+ V-frame Assembled
1 x  REN-400557  TriSole+ Vertical Support 35 degrees
4 x   REN-420083  Renusol Cross rail connector

TriSole + Triangle 35° assembled


Renusol – TS+ System – Tri-angular module support system

General Guidelines
Support triangle from 10° to 35° for solar modules on various roof connections.

Please read through the installation instructions carefully prior to installation. A structural calculation must be requested and matched to on-site conditions.

Installation guidelines
Due to longitudinal thermal expansion, we recommend including a joint in the installation system every 12 m.
The system is connected and/or secured using fittings, which should be selected subject to the type of building.
The modules can be installed with landscape or portrait orientation. Relevant components must be defined prior to installation.
In the case of landscape installation, install the cross-brace profile on the back of every triangle. With portrait installation, the reinforcing struts can be installed every 12 m; two struts must always be used for each row. The struts must point in opposite directions.
Solar modules should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

TÜV (2PfG): 0000048970
Weight:  1.99 Kg

Download Data Sheet:  Renusol-TS-system-datasheet