Ozonetek – Intank Ultraviolet Germicidal Treatment System


Disinfecting the Natural Way

Because of safety issues associated with chlorination, UV technology has experienced an increase in popularity. UV light destroys the growth of bacteria by destroying its DNA core, thus rendering it incapable of reproducing. The ultraviolet lamp within UV systems operates at a wavelength of 250 -260 nm, which is proven to be the most effective against bacteria. The actual lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve. This sleeve not only helps maintain maximum operating temperature, but also prevents the lamp from coming in contact with the water.
Disinfecting water with UV technology does not change the chemical properties of the water and also eliminates the chance of overdosing.


  • Easy to install
  • Low cost operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Once installed, units only need periodic cleaning and lamp replacement
  • Prevent foul smelling water by destroying bacterial growth
  • Prevents infestations from insects and pests such as mosquitos
  • Eradicates pathogens
  • No need for expensive chemicals
  • Leaves no residue


Operating Voltage/Frequency 220-240V
Lamp Wattage 80w
Lamp Life 12 000 hours
Lamp Wave Length 250-260 nanometers
Treatment Radius 2m
Tank Size 5000L