Oxygenics – ‘Value’ Eco Showerhead – Normal Pressure (ezshva-N)

Value – EcoEconomical ~ Energy saving ~ Eco-Waterwise ~ Exhilarating


Designed to save up to 70% of water used by standard showerheads, the Value-Eco ensures a superior and refreshing shower experience. The moment you turn on the water you’ll realize that this is like no other showerhead you’ve ever experienced.

Two settings deliver a powerful needle jet spray or a concentrated massage spray.


Savings and Sustainability
Water heating accounts for about 40% of the average household electricity bill. Using a water saving showerhead such as the ‘Value-Eco’ with a flow rate under 10 litres per minute will save a large proportion of this cost.

The average household every year can save up to

  • R3 000 in utility costs
  • 100 000 litres of water
  • 2-megawatt hours of electricity
  • 2 tons of carbon emissions

Design and Features

The unique and innovative design creates narrow and powerful needle jets through the use of laminar flow technology. Each jet remains intact rather than breaking into droplets, thereby using the water saving flow rate most efficiently.

°   The result is a powerful spray that feels amazing while saving water and energy.
°    The body is chromed high-impact ABS plastic and the base is chromed brass.
°   A ball joint is incorporated to allow for full adjustment and convenience.