Omnipower – 240Ah 24v – AGM+GEL Hybrid VRLA Solar Battery Pack

Model: Omnipower – OPR240-24 Battery Pack
Type: AGM+Gel Hybrid VRLA

Based on 20 years’ experience in research and development, the OmniPower OPR range of batteries is specifically designed for Solar and Wind power applications. These batteries use gel technologies together with deep cycle technologies and use special components in the lead alloy as well as additional electrolyte, resulting in a much longer cycle life.

This part is made up of the following items:
2 x OPR240-12 OmniPower 240Ah 12V Sealed Battery
1 x BATCAB35-250MM-L10 OmniPower 250mm (L) Battery Cable with 10mm Lugs


General Features:
•  High Corrosion Resistant Performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid
•  Patented Silicate Compound Electrolyte
•  Superior Charge Acceptance
•  Outstanding High and Low-Temperature Performance
•  Optimised Capability of Instant High-current Discharging
•  Excellent Deep Discharge Cycle Life
•  Design Life is 12 Years

Product Features:
•  Reduction of cell failure due to premature dry out
•  Fully-sealed – can be installed upright or on their side without risk of leaks.
•  Extends cycle service life by reducing plate corrosion
•  Gelled Thixotropic electrolyte
•  Meets the following standards: European Conformity, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001
•  Convenient carrying handles
•  8mm Screw Terminals
•  1-year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Make: OmniPower
Model: OPR240-12 (x2)
Series connection: 35mm² x 250mm (L)
Dimensions:(LxWxH) 522 x 239 x 224 (mm)
Weight:125kg (62,5kg/ea)
Terminal: m8 screw post
Storage Capacity (C10) : 200Ah @ 24v
Cycles @ 50%: 2250
Cycles @ 30%: 3500

Download Specifications: Omnipower 240Ah 12v Spec Sheet