NH Fuse-link 200A for Keto 1

Description NH fuse-links with utilization category gG mostly with combi indicator and live gripping lugs according to IEC 60269 respectively DIN EN 60269-1 and DIN VDE 0636-2 with a rated voltage of AC500V.




Part No:N1015205-200A

Weight:0.42 kg

Features Utilization category: gG

Rated voltage AC: 500V

Size: NH1

Rated current: 200A

Indicator / Signalling: Combi indicator

Operating Joule integral at Un: 715000A²s

Pre-arcing Joule integral (at 4ms): 145000A²s

Power dissipation at rated current: 16.5W

Rated breaking capacity AC: 120kA

Contact type: Blade contact

Gripping lugs: live