Kaco – Blue Planet 50.0 kW TL3 Three Phase Grid-Tied Inverter

Kaco New Energy has rolled out its new Blueplanet grid-tied Inverter series with a line-up of three-phase, transformerless units.

All the advantages of the larger three-phase inverters can now be found in one power class which is just perfect for private roof systems as well as small commercial applications.

When self-generated solar power wants to be used, the Blueplanet series grid-tied inverters has a built-in function for managing self-consumption.


MODEL ~ Blue Planet 50.0kW TL3
• Graphical display
•  Two symmetrical and asymmetrical MPPTs
•  Multilingual menu
•  Data logger with web server
•  Priwatt function for the self-consumption of solar power
•  Up to 98.3% efficiency
•  IP65 Protection Class
•  Integrated DC Switch
•  Noise emission <45 dB (A)
•  Fan Cooling
•  5-year warranty

Weight:  73 kg
DC Input MPPT Range:  570V – 900V
Operating Range: 570V – 1050V
No-load Voltage:  1100 V
Max Input Current:  90 A
No. of MPPTs:  1
AC Rated Output:  50 000 VA
Supply Voltage:  400V/230V
Rated Current:  3 x 72.4 A
Rated Frequency:  50 Hz / 60 Hz
No. of Grid Phases: 3
Max Efficiency:  98.3 %
Night Consumption:  1.5W
Cooling:  forced convection/speed controlled fan
Circuitry Topology:  Transformerless
Dimensions: (H x W x D):  760 x 500 x 425 (mm)