ITS 15mm Non-Return Valve

For everyone who hasn’t entertained the idea of installing a solar power system, there’s no time like the present. It’s an investment that will save you money over a long time and it will give you independence from the grid. And make sure a high quality solar non-return valve like this one is part of the system.


As with any heating system, safety should always be a very high priority. In this case it’s solar accessories like the ITS 15mm Non-Return Valve that comes with a dual purpose. Firstly, it’s specifically used with solar water heating systems, which means it prevents a back flow. This is when heated water starts flowing back into the main lines. Apart from being considered a safety measure, it ensures that hot water isn’t wasted before it even gets through the faucet.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 x 40 x 60 mm