Hoppecke OPzV Bloc 48V – 250Ah Battery Pack – (8 x 6V blocs)


Make: Hoppecke – OPzV Bloc 48V – 250AH Lead Acid Battery Pack

This pack is made up of the following items:
8 x   HOPP-OPZV.BLOC-250Ah-6V Hoppecke OPzV Bloc 250Ah – 6V

A storage system consisting of OPzV Blocs from Hoppecke.

This package provides a complete storage array consisting of 8 OPzV Blocs and associated connectors.

– Maintenance-free: no need for water refilling due to innovative Gel-technology
– Very high expected service life – due to optimized lead-calcium alloy
– Very high cycle stability, even when working at partial SoC – due to tubular plate design
– Maximum compatibility – design according to DIN 40744
– Easy assembly and installation.
– Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on using Hoppecke system connectors.

Weight:  408 kg
Battery Type:  Lead Acid
Nominal Energy:  9840 W/h
Depth of discharge:  50.00 %
Voltage:  48 V
Maximum Charge Rate:  1968 W
Maximum Discharge Rate:  2460 W

Download Specifications: OPzV-bloc-valve-regulated-lead-acid-batteries

NOTE:  This Hoppecke bloc is rated at 250Ah at 48V and can, therefore, deliver 12.0kWh of usable capacity as part of a domestic storage system.