Hoppecke Battery System – OPzV 48V – 1000Ah Kit


Weight: 1,646.14 Kg
Type:  Vented Lead-acid Battery pack
Nominal Energy:  43632 W/h
Depth of discharge:  50.00 %
Max. Charge Rate:  8726 W
Max. Discharge Rate:  10908 W



Type:  OPzV System: (Part: HOPP-OPZV-48V-1000AH)

This part is made up of the following items:
24 x   HOPP-8OPZV1000-2V  8 OPzV solar.power 1000Ah – 2V lead gel cell
1 x  BAT-BREAKER-BIG-200  Battery Safety Breaker BIG-200 75V/3x200A
1 x   HOPP-OPZV-48-RACK2700X430  2-Row Rack for OPzV 48V – 2700 x 430
8 x    BATCAB50-1M-RED    50mm2 Battery Cable (H01N2-D) 1m – Red
8 x    BATCAB50-1M/LUG50-8   50mm2 Battery Cable (H01N2-D) 1m – Black incl. 2 x 50mm2 Cable Terminal Lugs M8 – Single

A complete package consisting of Hoppecke OPzV cells and all the components required to connect it to your charger system.

Using 2V cells is a great way to achieve a large storage capacity while keeping costs down.  This package consists of 24 cells that work together to provide a working voltage of 48V, perfect for use with high powered systems to deliver the loads that are required.

Some characteristics of the OPzV cells:

–        Maintenance-free: no need for water refilling due to innovative Gel-technology.
–        Very high cycle stability – due to tubular plate design
–        Maximum compatibility – design according to DIN 40742
–        Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on Hoppecke system connectors
–        Optimal space utilization – due to the possibility of horizontal arrangement.

This package is intended to be used in a three phase storage system. Please speak to us regarding any design questions you might have.
The cells in this package are heavy. Please check the datasheet and ensure you have planned where the components will be located. The amount of floor space is approximately 2.7m x 0.5m and the cells must be arranged in two rows using the rack.