HM2.5 – 500Watt 24Volt Wind Turbine Kit

 Additional Features:

Rotor Diameter (m) 2.5
Material and number of the blades FRB*3pcs
Rated power/maximum power 500/700w
Rated wind speed (m/s) 8
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 2.5
Working wind speed (m/s) 3-25
Survived wind speed 50
Rated rotate speed(r/min) 450
Working voltage DC12V/24V
Generator style Three phase, permanent magnet
Charging method Constant voltage current saving
Speed regulation method Yaw+ Auto brake


Wind turbines convert wind energy into electrical energy which is used to charge a battery bank. It can be widely used in rich wind areas, with or without Eskom energy supply. It is capable of providing power for lighting, TV, telecommunication equipment and so on.

Rated Power/Maximum Power: 500/700Watts

Working Voltage: DC12V/24Volts

Rated wind speed (m/s)  8

Rated rotate speed (r/min)  450

Kit Includes:

Generator head, Hub and Blades

Indoor Controller

Life time: 15 years

Price subject to exchange rate