Excis – 102Ah 12v Deep Cycle Battery


The Excis range of batteries has been developed to provide an economical medium term solution for providing electrical power to small capacity inverters and UPS devices for load shedding applications.

The Excis battery is produced with thicker plates, high-density paste and a double separation that has a glass matt against the positive plate. As a result, it is far more able to withstand discharging to a deeper level without shedding active material and is thus referred to as a ‘Deep Cycle’ battery.


Automotive Vs Excis Batteries

All lead-acid batteries will cycle. The design parameters of the battery determine how many times it can be discharged and recharged. The less deeply it is discharged the more times it can be cycled.

Automotive batteries are designed to give high currents for very short periods for many times over the life of a vehicle. As such they may be referred to as ‘High Cycling’ batteries. To do this they have thin plates with a porous active material and very low resistance separators. If they are subjected to deeper discharges the positive active material expands and because of lack of support from the plates and separators it falls from the plate.

Design Features:
  Long Float Life:   Calcium alloy grids and plates to minimise corrosion and Envelope separators to eliminate internal short circuits.
•  High Cycling Design:  
High-density active material formulation and Glass matt backed separators for active material retention.
•   Exceptional High Rate Performance:  
Oversized internal inter-cell connector cross-section.
•  Enhanced Safety:  
Central venting system – Flashback arrestor – High impact strength container.
•  Easy to Maintain: 
Built-inState of Charge indicator and Locally manufactured.


Make: Excis
Model:  FMF 102
Capacity: 102Ah
Type: Lead Acid
Voltage: 12V
Weight:  26.5kg
Dimensions (LxWxH):  328 x 171 x 219mm – Height incl. terminal:239mm
Terminal Type:  Stud

Spec Sheet:   Excis_Battery Spec Sheet