DEHN – Universal Saddle Clamp M8

Universal Saddle Clamp
Part No:  SADDLE-CLAMP-M8   Lightning Protection

This clamp is for integrating the air rod to a mounting system.

Made of Stainless steel, the saddle clamp is used to securely fix the lightning protection rod 101110 to PV frames.

It provides excellent protection from direct strikes and accommodates earth bonding cables of up to 50mm2.

Download DataSheet:  Uni Saddle Clamp Data Sheet    




Product Information:

  • Saddle clamp for integrating the mounting systems e.g. of PV installations into the functional equipotential bonding/functional earthing (optionally black conductor) and lightning protection equipotential bonding according to IEC/EN 62305-3.
  • The StSt contact plate (intermediate element) allows for different conductor materials (Cu, Al, St/tZn and StSt ) to be connected to the usual mounting systems e.g. to aluminum, without risk of contact corrosion.
  • Easy and quick interconnection of profiles is possible e.g. by means of feed-through wiring due to the double cleat design.

Clamp application: integrating the air rod to a mounting system ANGLED-AIR-ROD