BYD B-Plus 2.56kWh Li-Ion Battery 100% DOD

BYD B-Plus 2.56kWh Li-Ion Battery 48V 100% DOD
The Battery Box products rely on the cutting-edge BYD Iron-Phosphate battery for the streamlined energy storage. B-Box 2.5-V2 has a lightweight wall mounting design which has been specially developed for use in small areas that require energy back-up. Not only with the same batteries used on the BYD double-decker E-Bus in London, but all the batteries for the B-BOX are produced by the same fully automation traction battery production line. The B-BOX 2.5-V2, with BYD’s excellent Iron-Phosphate battery, has the superiorities of high reliability, high life-cycle and high temperature performance, as well as being environmentally friendly.


The B-BOX 2.5-V2 needs three components to work:
  Battery module,
  Wall bracket or Rack.

Battery provides energy to load , BMU is communication centre, Bracket is for mounting to the wall or Rack is for floor mounting.
This is the new 100% DOD version of B-Plus 2.5 battery.

Compatible Inverters:  SMA / GOODWE / SOLAX / VICTRON

Supplier Part No:  12253325-00
Weight:  42.74 kg
Battery Type:  Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy:  2560 W/h
Depth of discharge:  100.00 %
Voltage:  48 V
Maximum Charge Rate:  2560 W
Maximum Discharge Rate:  2560 W

Note – This is battery only and it will not work without the BMU.