650L Rainwater Harvesting System – Installed CPT


This is a fully installed rainwater harvesting system for application in Cape Town. The workmanship done by our experienced crew is truly remarkable and exceptionally neat. This system includes the following:

  • 12m of 80mm water pipe to move water from the gutters.
  • 1 x 650 Mega Solar Tank
  • Shut off valve
  • Superhead first flush system.
  • Flush pipe and general components (Saddles, clips, bends etc)
  • Installation anywhere in Cape Town

This system is complete but is also based on our average installation, should you require less pipe we will obviously reduce the price but should you require more pipe (greater than 12m) we will proportionally increase it. In addition to this it must be noted that this system brings water from your gutter without sediment/leaves/debris to the storage tank. You will still need to do something with the water, if you want any ideas scroll down and take a look at some optional add ons.

See below for the addon kits or click the following links:

Rainwater To Toilet Cisterns Installation (Kit Add-On)

Rainwater To Irrigation System Installation (Kit Add-On)

Rainwater To Back Up System (Potable Drinking Supply) (Kit Add-On)

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