Plant Controllers

  • R11,848.99

    SMA Cluster Controller ( 25 devices )

    Easy to Use

    • Central monitoring and control of string inverters
    • Standardized Modbus interface for use with superior communication devices


    • Compliance with national and international grid integration requirements
    • Integrated analog and digital sensor interfaces, Direct marketing active and reactive power set points


    • Optimized for industrial use thanks to its robust enclosure and high-quality components


    • Immediate e-mail notification in the event of a failure
    • Remote monitoring and maintenance via the integrated user interface and Sunny Portal

    Please note: the Cluster Controller does not include a power supply. A 24V supply is required.

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  • R16,431.53

    SMA Cluster Controller ( 75 devices )

    Professional monitoring and controlling for decentralised large-scale PV plants.

    Combined with the highly efficient SMA string inverters, the SMA Cluster Controller is the perfect system solution for decentralised large-scale PV power plants.  The Cluster Controller offers reliable monitoring and control and the many different connection options for the sensors enable more precise evaluation of plant power.

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