oxygenics value shower head

  • value-eco-normal-pressure-performanceoxygenics-eco-shower-head-image

    Oxygenics – ‘Value’ Eco Showerhead – Normal Pressure (ezshva-N)

    Value – EcoEconomical ~ Energy saving ~ Eco-Waterwise ~ Exhilarating


    Designed to save up to 70% of water used by standard showerheads, the Value-Eco ensures a superior and refreshing shower experience. The moment you turn on the water you’ll realize that this is like no other showerhead you’ve ever experienced.

    Two settings deliver a powerful needle jet spray or a concentrated massage spray.

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  • value-eco-low-pressure-performanceoxygenics-eco-shower-head-image

    Oxygenics – ‘Value’ Eco Showerhead – Low Pressure (ezshva-L)

    Oxygenics – ‘Value’ Eco Showerhead – Low Pressure for low-pressure gravity-feed systems up to 150kPa.

    ‘Value – Eco‘ – Economical ~ Energy saving ~ Eco-Waterwise ~ Exhilarating


    Design and Features
    The Value-Eco ensures a superior and refreshing shower experience, even when supply pressure is very low.

    * The Value-Eco is to be used in gravity feed low-pressure systems only (below 150kPa= maximum flow rate of 10 litres per minute). Check flow rate after installation.
    * Two settings deliver a powerful needle jet spray or a concentrated massage spray.

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  • oxygenics-elite-skincare-showerhead-image

    Oxygenics_Elite SkinCare Showerhead – with comfort control (ezshel)


    •  Product Code : ezshel
    •  Patented Oxygenics engine amplifies water pressure,      turning weak showers into powerful showers in just minutes
    •   Efficient design reduces water usage and energy costs to R1200.00+ per year.
    •   Comfort control easily adjusts the level of water pressure strength.
    •  Patented Oxygenics technology strengthens spray and increases oxygen content.
    •   High-quality metal base and non-stick internal materials ensure long-lasting performance.
    •   Works great, even at low water pressures.
    •   Includes a limited lifetime guarantee never to clog or fail.

    The World’s first self-pressurizing shower fixture that adapts to low and variable water pressure. Designed to save 30-70% of water used by traditional shower fixtures, the Oxygenics® Elite™ SkinCare™ shower ensures a superior and refreshing shower experience, every time.

    Oxygenics® showerheads are the only high-caliber fixtures on the market with the complete package – a powerful self-pressurizing sensational shower spray, a reduced water and energy bill, and a sleek durable design.





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  • oxygenics-resort-spa-showerhead-image

    Oxygenics – 5 Star Resort Spa Showerhead

    Product Specifications

    • Rated Flow:
      • 2.5 gpm at 80 psi.
      • 2.0 gpm at 60 psi.
      • 1.6 gpm at 40 psi.
      • 1.1 gpm at 20 psi.
    • Material: ABS plastic housing, Delrin, brass and CBA alloy.
    • Dimensions: 3″w x 5.25″l.
    • Weight: 1.0 lb.
    • Available Finishes: Chrome and Brushed Nickel.
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  • Oxygenics Trispa_Multi-function Wall Mount Showerhead

    Oxygenics – TriSpa Multi-function Wall Mount Showerhead (ezshtr)

       Product Code:  ezshtr
    •   Patented Technology

    •   3 unique spray settings: Oxygenics, Steam Focus,            and Hydro Flood
    •   Eliminates clogging
    •   Extremely durable
    •   Resists corrosion
    •   Self-pressurizing
    •   Designed to function appropriately at pressures                no less than 20 psi
    •   Constructed to withstand pressures of 150 psi and          temperatures up to 160° F
    •    Easy to install
    •    60″ hose (only included with the handheld style)         

    •    Lifetime warranty through manufacturer against            clogging

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