HP285 model

  • HP285 One Touch On-Auto Off Tap nozzHiHippo HP285 (ezhiotb) 1Touch-On-Auto-Off

    HiHippo – One Touch ‘On’ / ‘Auto’ Off Jet-Spray Tap Nozzle – HP 285 (ezhiotb)

    ‘One Touch’ Taps and Tap Aerators

    ‘One Touch’ aerator taps are a unique way of saving water in the bathroom.  Either at home or in public areas, these devices can replace an infrared sensor tap at a fraction of the cost.  They are available as either a ‘Touch On – Touch Off’ option or a ‘Touch On – Auto Off’ option.  The latter shuts off automatically after a predetermined time that is user adjustable between 2 and 20 seconds.

    The flow rate of the ‘One Touch’ Tap is approximately 3 litres per minute (Lpm), compared with an open tap flow rate of around 20 Lpm.  Combined with the ‘Auto – Off’ feature, water savings for bathroom taps can be up to 90%.

    The units can be supplied with a theft-proof housing ~ *use with balanced supply pressure systems if using a mixer*

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