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  • R1,517.97

    Modbus Server For OmniPower Inverter

    Embedded with web server
    Monitor and operate up to 247 modbus devices with a single device
    Ideal monitoring solution for medium sized solar plants
    Optional External Modbus Web box Server for Omnipower 3KW and 5kW single phase inverters
    Optional External Modbus Web box Server for Omnipower Plus 10KW 3Phase inverter.


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  • R1,934.91

    Steca Smart Energy Manager

    Smart Energy Manager for coolcept, coolcept-x, coolcept³, coolcept³-x, StecaGrid 8000+ 3ph and 10000+ 3ph
    The feed-in management solution
    The StecaGrid SEM offers different options of realising feed-in management with a photovoltaic system. A ripple control receiver from the relevant distribution grid operator can be connected. From firmware version 3.0, the feed output at the grid connection point can be limited to an adjustable value, or the ripple control signal can be switched to the relay output. The individual operating modes are selected and defined via the free StecaGrid User PC software. Up to ten inverters can be connected to the StecaGrid SEM via the RS 485 interface.
    Easiest installation
    StecaGrid SEM can be installed in the switching cabinet right next to the ripple control receiver. The casing features a dimensioning typical for switching cabinets and can be mounted onto a top-hat rail. Its width is 4 HP. Direct power supply at 230 V. A mains adapter plug or an external direct current power supply are not required.
    Easily accessible service interface
    All connected StecaGrid inverters can be accessed via a USB interface on the StecaGrid SEM. Connection to a PC is possible via a standard USB cable. The interface is on the front side of the casing – the cover does not need to be removed in the switching cabinet.
    The StecaGrid SEM can be configurated via the StecaGrid User Software (from version 3.0). The  software is available at www.stecasolar.com from free download.


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