Bluetooth Repeaters

  • R2,684.52

    SMA Sunny Beam Bluetooth Repeater

    To extend range of bluetooth data connection between data logger and inverters.

    Capacity: 100 inverters

    Interfaces: Bluetooth radio connection class 1

    Range: 100 m

    Use: Wall-mounted, table top device

    Protection rating: IP20

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  • R3,165.94

    SMA Service Cable

    This USB service cable allows you to connect your PC to the inverter via USB for set-up, programming and faultfinding.

    Whether commissioning or in service – with the USB service interface you can quickly and easily either sort the inverter data or change it. It is equipped with a USB Piggy-Back for the inverter and a USB plug for connection to a PC or laptop. The USB service interface is suitable for Sunny Boys.

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