Battery Isolator - size 00 body

  • KETO Fuse-switch disconnector Size 00

    KETO Fuse-Switch Disconnector (Size 00) – Battery isolator Excl. Fuse-link

    KETO – Fuse-switch disconnector (Battery isolator)
    Part No: KETO-00

    Keto size 00
    •  3-Pole design
    •  Maximum DC current = 160A
    •  DC voltage rating: 440V
    •  Overall width: 106mm
    •  System size: 195mm
    •  Terminals: M8 lugs with cable area from 25-95mm2
    •  Baseplate or Wall mountable
    •  Weight:  0.7Kg

    The Keto-00 needs two fuses at the appropriate rating to be added. Size these based on the maximum battery current with a safety factor applied.

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