• R96,793.59

    Solis 125kW 5G 3 Phase Single MPPT High Voltage with DC

    • ▶ Maximum 20 strings input, support 1.5 DC/AC inverter load ratio
    • ▶ Integrated AC & DC disconnect switches
    • ▶ Touch safe DC Fuse holders adds convenience and safety
    • ▶ High precision intelligent strings monitoring, reduce fault location time
    • ▶ Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module, all-around lightning protection
    • ▶ Support Anti-PID function, improve system efficiency
    • ▶ Over 99.1% Max. effciency
    • ▶ Ethernet /RS485 multiple communication modes,flexible monitoring
    • ▶ WiFi monitoring available-Android and Apple App store available
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  • R167,259.96

    Solis 255kW 5G 3 Phase 14 MPPT High Voltage with DC

    185-255kW three phase series string inverter have Maximum 28 strings input, support “Y” type connection in DC side. Maximum string input current 13A, support bifacial modules access.Supports anti-PID function to improve system eff iciency. High-precision intelligent strings monitoring reduces fault location time.

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