120Ah 24V

  • Omnipower-Gel-Hybrid-Solar-Battery-Range

    Omnipower – 120Ah 24v – AGM+GEL Hybrid VRLA Solar Battery Pack

    Model: Omnipower – OPR120-24 Battery Pack
    Type: AGM+Gel Hybrid VRLA

    Based on 20 years’ experience in research and development, the OmniPower OPR range of batteries is specifically designed for Solar / Wind power applications. These batteries use gel technologies together with deep cycle technologies and use special components in the lead alloy as well as additional electrolyte, resulting in a much longer cycle life.

    This part is made up of the following items:
    2 x OPR120-12 OmniPower 120Ah 12V Sealed Battery
    1 x BATCAB35-250MM-L10 OmniPower 250mm Battery Cable with 10mm Lugs
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