120Ah 12v

  • R3,458.63

    Omnipower – 120Ah 12V – AGM+GEL Hybrid VRLA Solar Battery

    Model: Omnipower – OPR120-12
    Type: AGM/GEL Hybrid
    These batteries use gel technologies together with deep cycle technologies and use special components in the lead alloy as well as additional electrolyte, resulting in a much longer cycle life.

    General Features:
    •  High Corrosion Resistant Performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid
    •  Patented Silicate Compound Electrolyte
    •  Superior Charge Acceptance
    •  Outstanding High and Low-Temperature Performance
    •  Optimised Capability of Instant High-current Discharging
    •  Excellent Deep Discharge Cycle Life
    •  Design Life is 12 Years


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