Grey Water Systems

  • G-Flow Greywater System Image

    G-Flow Grey Water System

    Advantages of installing a G-Flow Grey Water System:

    • Plug & play integrated unit, compact automated design
    • Hygienic & low maintenance (every 3-6 months)
    • No foul & unpleasant Odours
    • Install either above ground, wall mounted or partially buried
    • Fail safe (automatic diversion to sewer during power outages)
    • 3 Way manual valve for gravity diversion to sewer (when grey water not required)
    • Robus & reliable vortex pump with thermal protection
    • Specially designed (& Patented), clog resistant side mounted float switch
    • Innovative, self-drain & auto de-sludge mechanism
    • Extra large graded vertical filter
    • Easy to pull out sludge trap basket
    • Smart WaterMark & WaterWise certified
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