Battery Communication Modules

  • BYD-B-BOX BMU Comms Module

    BYD B-BOX BMU LV Communication Module

    BYD – B-Box LV Communication Module

    BMU – Communications centre for BYD -B-BOX 2.5 batteries.

    Links BYD batteries with external inverter/chargers.

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  • R3,932.04

    Inverter Control Center Module Rasberry Pi

    The ICC (Inverter Control Centre) is the ideal solution for Pylon when used with Axpert in an on-grid solution. The main purpose of the ICC is to provide accurate monitoring and the ability to remotely monitor when used with an Axpert or InfiniSolar inverter. Alternatively, the ICC offers the ability to connect to the Pylontech BMS and by doing so the inverter can be controlled by the ICC based on the SoC reported by the BMS.

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  • R4,770.00

    Pylon Communication Cable for ICC

    Developed specifically to properly monitor SOC, Voltage, etc on a maximum of 8 connected Pylontech batteries

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  • R7,577.48

    Pylon Low Voltage Communication Hub

    Low Voltage Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery storage system – LV-HUB
    (Communication extend Module)

    Module: LV-HUB-ALV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection.


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