OmniPower 250mm Battery Cable with 10mm Lugs

    Omnipower Pre-terminated Battery cable

    250mm Battery Cable with 10mm Lugs
    (BATCAB35-250mm-L10 – Storage Systems – Battery Cable)


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    Inverter Control Center Module

    The ICC (Inverter Control Centre) is the ideal solution for Pylon when used with Axpert in an on-grid

    solution. The main purpose of the ICC is to provide accurate monitoring and the ability to remotely

    monitor when used with an Axpert or InfiniSolar inverter. Alternatively, the ICC offers the ability to

    connect to the Pylontech BMS and by doing so the inverter can be controlled by the ICC based on the

    SoC reported by the BMS.

    Adding the ICC greatly improves the cycling efficiency of the

    Axpert with Pylontech, as the ICC will use the SoC reported by the

    BMS of the Pylontech battery to control when the Axpert will use

    grid or battery, rather than relying on the Axpert measuring the

    very narrow battery voltage range. By using SOC based control,

    the system will be able to use the full rated capacity of the Pylontech battery if set to do so. This is

    especially useful for Axpert inverters because they can’t supply loads from mixed power sources.

    Maximising the energy available from the battery means the inverter will delay switching to the grid

    for as long as possible.

    The ICC will therefore increase the overall value of the system as the full 80% DoD of the Pylontech

    can be used in a self-consumption battery cycling setup.

    This short guide demonstrates how to setup and access the ICC as part of your storage installation.

    2) Options, capabilities and limitations:

    Two components will be required when using ICC with a Pylon battery:

    Inverter Control Centre Module (Raspberry Pi 3 b+)

    Pylon Communication Cable for ICC

    The ICC offers the following features:

     Real-time monitoring of all the different power sources in use in a solar system (solar panels,

    batteries, grid power, etc).

     All data is captured, stored and can be exported for a specific time period.

     Specific monitoring of the batteries in use.

     Can monitor up to 9 Axpert inverters in parallel.

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    Pylon Low Voltage Communication Hub

    Low Voltage Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery storage system – LV-HUB
    (Communication extend Module)

    Module: LV-HUB-ALV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection.