Load Shedding Calculator


  1. Now that I have the amperage or kWh storage how do I know what batteries to use?
    • Our sister website GW Store has a solar battery calculator that can assist. Click this link and use the kWh value from this site in the first box provided under “How much power are you trying to store in kWh”.
  2. Okay, so how do I know what products to you?
    • What you need is an inverter and a set of batteries, you can also choose from our premade kits. Follow the links below to find what you need:
    • Inverters
    • Batteries
    • Load Shedding Kits (More kits on route)

Finally, we make these calculators for you use, we view them as your calculators. Should you want items added or additional functionality please just let us know by dropping us an email: Contact Us